Welcome to the world of
targeted advertising

The WakeUp.zone app does not use cookies or any other technologies for tracking users’ activity or behavior or any other information that such technologies can obtain. The WakeUp.zone does not allow the third party apps or websites to insert cookies or other technologies into the WakeUp.zone users’ environment.

The only information that we keep about our users is the information they provide for us by filling Basic Info when they register an account on WakeUp.zone or by filling Forms that we offer them, and pay them with SUN tokens. And all the information is duly registered in the blockchain as a guarantee of privacy.

Two kind of campaigns

1. Targeted audience

By registering on WakeUp.zone and filling the Forms, WakeUp.zone users profile themselves, for ads exposure. When You (advertising company) choose your audience, it is guaranteed that this audience is interested in the services or products that your company offers.

There are 14 different categories on WakeUp.zone: Beauty, Business, Food, Games, Home, Lifestyle, Love&Sex, Movies, Music, Shopping, Sport, Technology, Travel and Vehicles. Each category contains subcategories that profile users interests even closer.

When you create a campaign, you can choose one or more categories with one or more subcategories within. You can choose users’ age, occupation, gender and country, too.

You can search the audience and find out how many WakeUp.zone users fulfill your inquiry. Once you have chosen your audience and decided the budget of the campaign, you can upload your ad, write details about the campaign, sign transaction (with your private key) and proceed to payment.

Once your campaign is approved, your ad is placed in the users’ feed. Whenever a user watches the whole video advertisement, your campaign budget is debited for one successful view.

2. Ad browser campaign

Within WakeUp.zone users feed, there is Ads browser tab, where users can browse through fourteen categories and watch ads of their choice. You can create your own ad browser campaign by placing your ad in any of the fourteen categories. Whenever a user watches the whole video advertisement, your campaign budget is debited for one successful view.

Types of ads and file formats

WakeUp.zone ad serving panel is accepting video ads of maximum length of only 30 sec. File formats are: mp4, mov.


There are three types of payment on WakeUp.zone ad serving panel: by credit card, by SUN tokens and by wire transfer. If you pay with SUN tokens you can enjoy 20% discount. SUN token can be obtain on stellar exchange network and soon on our website


Current price is 0.005€ per view for targeted campaign and 0.001€ per view for ad browser campaign.